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Vacature omschrijving

Are you open for something new and ready to master our BaseLine machine? Or do you have boxing or other combat experience?

You are a strong and all-round fitness freak with an excellent strength and conditioning level, a vibrant and positive energy bomb who loves to motivate and coach people, and a natural entertainer.

Read on to see if you have what it takes to become the fitness role model and “EnterTrainer” that everyone loves to hate.


Prepare your own excellent workout routines on our inhouse developed machine, the Baseline, using the BodyBase Workout Method and the BodyBase Workout App
Or prepare your own (kick) boxing routine with our Base Box guidelines
Create your own playlists that goes with the different class types
Lead full 45-minute group classes with confidence, humor, and energy, as well as your own personal style
Coach and guide people on correct technique and posture on the Baseline eg body alignments, and basic anatomy
Motivate and always keep inspiring and pushing people
Be a fitness role model and a brand ambassador in and outside our studios
Connect with people and build the community
Create themed classes. From themed-playlist, outfit, knowing how to throw a party, to other related creative ideas which contribute to a hell of a class
Taking care of the workout room and the BaseLines (your playground) and rest of the studio; cleanliness, refilling items, maintenance, etc.
You are aware of the prices and deals of the studios and enagaged in selling memberships, protein shakes, BodyBase Athleisure wear etc.
You are always on stage with positive energy, no matter what
You will attend team meetings and educational workshops


Come up with innovative ideas to improve classes, but also service and other things in general
Always making sure your classes and playlists are up to date and to keep innovating them.
You continously develop yourself as a trainer, follow classes from other trainers to get inspiration and to keep constantly learning on the BaseLine
Know what is going on in the industry locally as internationally
Be on top of new fitness trends

You will succeed in this role if you can identify yourself with several of the following factors:

You are passionate about fitness, a healthy lifestyle and want to share your passion with others
You love crossfit, weights, combat, bootcamp or other related high energy, muscle building sports
You love action and everything opposite to ‘zen’. Although you understand the mind body connection
You´re a “natural” when it comes to training and health as well as helping others
You are an extrovert. You like being ‘on stage’, entertaining others and have a great sense of humor.
You know what it is to provide not only a tough, but also a fun workout. People love to join your class cause you are able to provide them with a full experience; an effective workout, get them out of their daily routine, infect them with your positivity, so they leave with a better mood then they came with and are already looking forward to their next session with you
You are rhythmic and great with music; you love creating new energetic playlists that can pump up a group´s energy
You know how to count on the music
You are charismatic, authentic, and positive and love to motivate people to push it beyond their limits
You are a team player and a community-builder; someone who is social, outgoing and wants to connect with other people
You are in exceptional good physical shape and can easily do:
At least 25 strict push-ups
3-4 minutes plank hold / 30 sec. L-sit holds
5 km run below 28 minutes

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Body Combat
Boks training
Fitness instructeur
Kickboks instructeur
MMA instructeur
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